Thank you to Charlotte Higgins

Matthew Fox book on Cicero

Matthew Fox book on Cicero

Charlotte Higgins was kind enough to respond to my comments about her post on Barack Obama as the new Cicero.  She suggested that I do some reading, a book about which I am ignorant, but I will find the Matthew Fox book on Cicero and adjust my views accordingly. As part of my appreciation for Charlotte Higgins taking the time to provide edification, I have added a link to her blog on this site.  Not every blogger pays attention to the readers, and someone working for a major newspaper has far less time for interaction than most.  Maybe I can help to bring to her blog an extra reader or two from this side of the pond.


One response to “Thank you to Charlotte Higgins

  1. Ms Higgins’ article on Obama’s use of classic rhetoric techniques inspired me to compare Obama’s inaugural address with our very own Gordon Brown’s recent speech to the US Congress (I’m another east-ponder).

    You’ll find it here:

    I looked at the use of tricolons in the two speeches (Obama uses noticeably more), and a couple of modern(ish) readability tests created by your own Rudolf Flesch.

    The tests look at syllable count and sentence length. And, again, Obama trumps Brown.

    So an interesting by-thought on the Obama-rhetoric point is that he (helped by talented speech writers) manages to combine rhetoric-techniques that work on the human ear and eye with good-sense readability thinking.

    Potent stuff indeed.

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