The Last Temptation of Credit

We are following the money in the latest scheme to make sure your children’s brains remain mush. Hulu knows what it is all about, and rubs our noses in it as entertainment (see below).  In this case, television will not be the source of the mushmaking. It will be people with doctoral degrees.  People from colleges of Education.  People who ought to know better, but can think only of money, only of short-term gains.

At a meeting earlier this week, one of the Educationists grinned Joker-like to a group of people while announcing that a certain university would be offering courses at three dollars per credit hour under local community college tuition rates.  A course that would cost three times as much (maybe more) at the university would be offered to high school students, who would pay the cheap rate for what is called dual credit in a Ponzi scheme for higher education.  For this wildly reduced cost, your high school student will be taught by wildly underpaid adjuncts.  The university will ask its adjunct faculty members, many of whom are already working two or more jobs to make a living wage, to travel to high schools and other off-campus sites to teach ambitious high school students in courses that will count both as college credit and as credit toward high school graduation.  The presupposition goes something like this: a high school class can be made indistinguishable from a college course, or vice versa.  What makes the high school class special is the dual credit tuition.  As some of you suspected, college is the new high school.


One response to “The Last Temptation of Credit

  1. That is a pretty funny video.

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