Administrators Keep Their Salaries During Cuts

Flickr Creative Commons photo

Flickr Creative Commons photo

The protests at the University of California at Berkeley ought to remind everyone who cares about public education that the standard operating procedure during tough economic times is to charge more tuition, increase fees, fire adjuncts and staff, but never, almost never to reduce the salaries of people in the administration who make six and seven-figure salaries, and who are sometimes culpable for the mismanagement of money that caused the budgetary crisis.  The chancellors and presidents with, in some cases, access to free transportation and housing paid with taxpayers’ money, do not consider the data that continue to point to overadministration in higher education.  That is, we can afford to lose a few chancellors and presidents, and vice-chancellors and assistant provosts, and, yes, one or two deans.  The next time your tuition increases, or your university asks you for more in fees, call your chancellor’s or president’s office. Have your parents call the chancellor or president.

Now while those with the most busy themselves with extracting more from those with the least, some of the ones in the middle moved to protect those at the bottom of the pay scale.

More than 1,000 professors and associate professors from all 10 campuses signed a petition urging the walkout and demanding that UC not cut the pay of anyone earning less than $40,000.


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