Rethinking the “C” Word

Flickr Creative Commons photo

Flickr Creative Commons photo

Over in the U.K., at least one person is willing to think seriously about the role of communism amidst globalization.  Interesting that the catalyst for the essay seems to be events in higher education here in the United States.  One rhetorical problem for thinking about the matter in the U.S. has to do with a significant portion of the public’s reaction to the views of people living in places like Santa Cruz and Berkeley, California.  Some segments of the population tend to dismiss California as a place out of touch with what some people will call mainstream America.  It will be interesting to see whether the opposition from the students at the University of California, Santa Cruz spreads to other student organizations in other states as state governments find themselves financially squeezed, compelled to decide between raising taxes for education or passing the pain to colleges and universities to make up deficits by increasing tuition and cutting staff.  The trend is already clear.  Perhaps the discussion can be shifted away from that juxtaposition and toward discourse that might persuade more people of the benefits available to everyone by having an educated population.


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