A Free Something, Part Zwei — Bringing the Masses into TFP

photo of Stieg Larsson

Stieg Larsson

Are you itching to read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, the last installment of “The Millennium Trilogy”?  Maybe you read Christopher Hitchens’ recent article about Larsson, and that elevated your curiosity, but you saw that Larsson’s novel would not be available in the U.S. until late spring of 2010. Now, you can have your own copy for free this month (the copy will be mailed to the chosen person on December 28). Here is how to obtain your own copy of Larsson’s novel as part of the effort to bring the masses to TFP.  (1) You produce a comment to this post explaining in stereophonic detail what you like about TFP. (2) Ensure in your comment that the editor of this space will be able to contact you, in case you are the chosen one.  The editor will make a judgment on December 22 about the best post for this topic, and then make an announcement on TFP, so that the lucky person will have a copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest to kick off the new year. Is it a coincidence that 2010 will be the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar?


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