Where Is Aleksandr Hrustevich?

photo of aleksandr hrustevich

Aleksandr Hrustevich

After you see and hear the videos of the music produced by Aleksandr Hrustevich, you are likely to have a similar sort of reaction as this blogger, Shawn, had (and I leave his grammar and punctuation as it appears on his blog, since they are part of the charm):

dude, holy fuck…. who did you learn from? the grace of god himself? this kid has to be in his own class. i dont even know what the fuck that kind of multi-octave accordion instrument is called. i didn’t hear any mistake in this performance. this is something like a 4-part vivaldi composition for strings and hes playing all of the parts. the first day i saw this i watched it like 10 times, and then another day i just listened to the audio of it on a stereo and was almost able to appreciate it more.

america should get with the program like romania, russia, china, and start producing these force-taught kids in a variety of subjects. just imagine how we could advance science, math, medicine, death metal….

What is difficult to comprehend is why I cannot find even one news story about the young Mr. Hrustevich. Why didn’t the Julliard SWAT team scramble immediately for the Ukraine and kidnap the young man?  Was no one at CBS or CNN or the BBC interested in interviewing this musician?  Am I missing something?  Granted, I have not attempted an exhaustive search for information. Still, is it really possible that the western world went haywire over Susan Boyle, but cannot muster any journalistic interest in Mr. Hrustevich?


One response to “Where Is Aleksandr Hrustevich?

  1. Aleksandr Hrustevich will be performing at the Newport Music Festival on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. Details to follow!

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