Charlie Brooker Breaks Bad – and That’s Good

The holidays must not have been cheery around the Brooker household.  A stranger might have toddled in and sprinkled something nasty in the eggnog.  Charlie Brooker has returned to The Guardian with a new column for 2010, a reading of the Labour Party’s future in his homeland.  It’s divination of a dark sort. Some vintage Brooker appears about half way through the piece when he admits to having seen a most peculiar U.S. television program, one that he sees could have practical implications for rescuing the Labour Party in the upcoming election.

I recently watched several episodes of a high-quality US comedy-drama serial called ‘Breaking Bad.’ The storyline revolves around an underachieving, debt-ridden 50-year-old chemistry teacher who discovers he’s got terminal cancer. But wait, it gets funnier. Realising he has absolutely nothing to lose, he decides to become a crystal meth dealer in an insane last-ditch attempt to provide financial support for his family when he’s gone. Cue plenty of pitch-black hi-jinks. It’s a good show. It’s also a road map for Labour. The party’s condition is similarly terminal, so it might as well go for broke by announcing a series of demented and ill-advised election pledges in an openly desperate bid to retain power.


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