Yoo Won’t Understand

photo of theater displaying sign about Professor Yoo

Locals in California Question Yoo's Actions on Behalf of the Bush Administration

When it is available, I will post Jon Stewart’s interview with constitutional lawyer John Yoo.  It took place earlier today, but does not yet seem available on the web site of “The Daily Show.”  Stewart said the interview was unsatisfying, and the event confirmed the quotation by Oliver Wendell Holmes: “Lawyers spend a great deal of time shoveling smoke.”  Stewart strained to have Yoo come to grips with Yoo’s own justifications for helping the previous administration in the White House to make certain kinds of torture legal.

Yoo finds himself at odds with numerous people and organizations in the Bay area. One source is reporting that the location of his spring class at the University of California at Berkeley is being kept secret.  One might wonder whether that is for his own protection.  After the interview on “The Daily Show,” Professor Yoo has reason to lie low.


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