Summing Up – IL2011

It might be too early for nostalgia about Internet Librarian 2011. On the final day, I attended a session in which someone said in loud tones that what libraries need by 2015 is a single site, compatible with all browsers, enabled for all apps, chock full of every social networking opportunity, overflowing with content and opportunities for user interaction, graced with helpful but not pushy directions that perhaps would include a well-situated QR code, all in a convenient and pleasing layout. I will not say that the speaker was from Vanderbilt, because to give away the person’s identity would be unfair, especially due to the slight exaggeration in the description of what he had to say. He might as well have made an appearance in Congress to say that what we need four years from now is full employment, a balanced federal budget, world peace, and free puppies for all the children who are victims of America’s obesity epidemic (the children and their families would be forbidden from eating the puppies).

Prior to the session mentioned above, the masses huddled into the exhibit area to await the drawing for the free iPads. A free iPad makes people feel better about conferences. Mostly, a free tchotchke will ameliorate the worst conference. For those who did not win, the man from Information Today promised there would be another drawing at next year’s conference.



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