Chandler’s Prescience

I don’t think this power was entirely a matter of violence, although far too many people got killed in these stories and their passing was celebrated with a rather too loving attention to detail. It certainly was not a matter of fine writing, since any attempt at that would have been ruthlessly blue-penciled by the editorial staff. Nor was it because of any great originality of plot or character. Most of the plots were rather ordinary and most of the characters rather primitive types of people. Possibly it was the smell of fear which these stories managed to generate. Their characters lived in a world gone wrong, a world in which, long before the atom bomb, civilization had created the machinery for its own destruction, and was learning to use it with all the moronic delight of a gangster trying out his first machine gun.  The law was something to be manipulated for profit and power. The streets were dark with something more than night.

Raymond Chandler wrote that in 1950 as part of his introduction to “The Simple Art of Murder.”


One response to “Chandler’s Prescience

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I am a huge Chandler fan and hadn’t read this quote before! I wrote a ‘Tween Noir’ book about a young girl being chased through the Manhattan streets at midnight by unknown men and ‘the streets were dark with something more than night’ sums up her terror perfectly!

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