Snake Oil for Downton Abbey Wannabes

Perhaps all you need to understand is the following short paragraph that should be the quotation of the day: “’It was a very difficult breakthrough for her, she was crying,’ Ms. Messinger, who charges from $25 to $75 an hour, recalled of a recent session with the client. ‘I just made her aware of more options, like maybe you can try Splenda.’”

You can read the entire sad story in The New York Times, and it is especially disappointing that major universities are participating in the sham by providing these “life coaches” with credentials that make them seem legitimate.  If anyone out there wishes to pay me $100 an hour to suggest that she or he use Splenda, please contact me immediately. Heck, for today’s readers I will offer a 50% discount on that price.  Act now.  Operators — in several senses of the word — are standing by.

Night of the Hunter


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