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Call for Papers – Evental Aesthetics

graphic of call for papers of Evental Aesthetics journal

We’ll Need to Raft the Rose Way for a While

photo of Rose on debris Titanic

Jack didn’t get on the life-saving wooden debris in Titanic. Rose rode out the crisis alone. That’s the image that’s called for, according to some research, if keeping our distance in a pandemic is to continue to have positive, if mournfully inadequate, results. What will also happen is that, unlike the Titanic example, the poor (Jack) would survive as well as the rich (Rose).

The implication of patterns observed in the timing and severity of second waves in 1918 seems clear, however. In the absence of an effective vaccine, cities that use NPIs [nonpharmaceutical interventions] to mitigate the impact of a pandemic remain vulnerable. In practice, and until emergency vaccine production capacity increases, this means that in the event of a severe pandemic, cities will likely need to maintain NPIs for longer than the 2–8 weeks that was the norm in 1918.


April with Hockney

David Hockney is sharing his work from Normandy.

painting by David Hockney

Listen to your Doctor II

Thanks to Dr. Emily Landon for this:

“It’s really hard to feel like you’re saving the world when you’re watching Netflix from your couch. But if we do this right, nothing happens,” Landon said. “A successful shelter-in-place means you’re going to feel like it was all for nothing, and you’d be right: Because nothing means that nothing happened to your family. And that’s what we’re going for here.”

graphic cover of The Art of Boredom

A Sepulchral Spring

image of David Hockney landscape


Putting One’s Nose to the Gigstone

From a review in The New York Times:

For everything to go right with this family, not one thing can go remotely wrong. No one can afford to get sick, attend an unscheduled school meeting, miss a bus, be robbed. It’s all too precarious, which is to say it’s all too real. The Turners don’t need much. Some stability; a steady income, of course; more time would be a dream. Really, though, the most precious thing they have is each other. But there’s no time for that because then there’d be no money.

Welcome to March

photo of Chase painting entitled "Good Friends"

William Merritt Chase, “Good Friends”