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When Security = Negligence

For a while, in 2019, the update server’s password for SolarWind’s network management software was reported to be “solarwinds123.” — see the full article.

The next time your institution insists that its choice for outsourcing computer services will be safe, remind them of SolarWinds.

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Pre-Brexit Life

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Boris Johnson decision Huawei

Can You Hear This Sound that Young People Can’t?

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Last year the CDT alerted the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to a technology called SilverPush. It uses audio beacons to track your activities across devices: Your TV emits a tone during a commercial break, a tone that’s inaudible to you, but your phone is listening for it. Now they can link the TV and phone as belonging to the same person.

What is SilverPush? Here’s a self-description: SilverPush is a technology marketing platform for brands to promote their products and connect with their customers. The company understands what your customers are looking for, what they are saying and what they do. SilverPush understands the importance of every interaction to create a great brand experience for your customer.

According to a recent news item, SilverPush plans ” a deeper penetration within the advertising value chain.” Prepare to be penetrated deeper and longer.


Your Election Horoscope

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