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Support artists – particularly UMANBN

Adding a new item to the blogroll. UMANBN sent in a comment about the Stirling Prize, and after visiting Mark’s site, I wanted to share his work with others.  One of his recent entries includes some images connected to the Bodensee where I spent some time many years ago. Now to misquote Proust: “Let us be grateful to the people who resurrect pleasant memories.”  I am grateful to Mark.

If he gives me permission, I will post occasionally some of his art works on TFP.


“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly”

Untitled, 30 November 2010, No. 1

Untitled, 30 November 2010, No. 1, created on an Ipad - ©David Hockney

Errol Morris and David Hockney are revising perception. This month, Morris publishes his book Believing is Seeing, a study of the ways viewers interact with photography and make truth-claims based on what they see in photographs.  Hockney is using a series of cameras to demonstrate to viewers that they can see more of the everyday world. He wants people to consider the question: “What can nine cameras do that one can’t?”  Someone could take both Morris and Hockney’s projects as nothing more than acts reinforcing relativism. That would seem to be an impoverished view of two people trying to think carefully about how we see, and how little we see when we insist that we are seeing.