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From Zero to “You Must Die” in Three Seconds

How many stories do we have about people killing others over trivialities, over things, like the case of the “neighbor” who killed others over snow being thrown onto his property? A robber enters someone’s house and is shot and killed. The people inside the house weren’t threatened with harm. Only things were being taken. A driver gets cuts off by another vehicle on a highway, and then the driver whips out a gun and begins shooting. These examples are far from an “eye for an eye” biblical directive. So, how did it become acceptable to end other people’s lives when others simply disagree with us or do something that enrages us? When did it become a commonplace to end a person’s life over the theft of a big screen television?

image of film poster "Why Must I Die?"

In the example below, readers need to keep in mind that internet divisions are sometimes driven by outside forces intent on fomenting divisions at the national level for political reasons. These are cases in which neighbors are not the agents of murderous threats and hate, but that won’t likely be evident at first glance. However, it’s also likely that some participants in attacks on the internet are neighbors and fellow citizens. Below is a lament from an Oxfordshire (UK) doctor about what she has endured for describing to others what is happening with the virus at her hospital:

During the first wave, I knew the public had our backs. This time round, being an NHS doctor makes you a target. For the crime of asserting on social media that Covid is real and deadly, I earn daily abuse from a vitriolic minority. I’ve been called Hitler, Shipman, Satan and Mengele for insisting on Twitter that our hospitals aren’t empty. Last night a charming “Covid sceptic” sent me this: “You are paid to lie and a disgrace to your profession. You have clearly sold your soul and are nothing more than a child abuser destroying futures. I do not consent to your satanic ways.” A friend, herself an intensive care doctor, has just been told by another male “sceptic” that he intends to sexually abuse her until she requires one of her own ventilators. And this morning, another colleague, also female, was told: “You evil criminal lying piece of government shit. You need to be executed immediately for treason and genocide.”


It’s Not Like the Flu: Episode 2,000

“Herd Immunity”: Not for You

The King has spoken. “Herd Immunity” is a delusion. Tell your friends, or buy the clothes — yes, there’s a clothing line.

photo of King Carl Gustav
image of model for Not For You clothing line

Pandemic Priorities: Avoiding the Small Lunchroom

As more people die from re-opening too soon for business during a pandemic, some leaders in the USA mull over what is the most important thing to them. The New York Times explains:

Mr. Cruz warned his colleagues that if the economy failed to recover, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, would win the White House and “we’ll be meeting in a much smaller lunchroom” traditionally reserved for the minority party in the Senate.

screenshot of lunchroom

Love thy neighbor as thy life savings?

Someone decided to talk to a billionaire in an attempt to develop a picture of how rich people see the pandemic. What the author uncovers is not pretty, and it certainly raises questionable ethical statements, such as the one below.

“Do you want to end up losing your life savings so that the old person you don’t know can live?”

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Awaiting the Fury

From an article about the editor of The Lancet:

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Time-dependent Dynamics

Caleigh Montrose explains how 20 seconds might as well be the length of time it took Odysseus to get back to Ithaca:

“Washing your hands for 20 seconds is so long! That’s why I haven’t washed my hands in weeks.”


Quotation of the Day

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What Will Virus Experts Do?

An article with results of interviews with over 500 epidemiologists about their life plans for the next few months and years.

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“Oh, it’s OK – he’s talking about the UK”

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