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Deeper Worries than “Ideological Confusion”

Enjoy a belly laugh over Tories claiming to fret that increasing taxes will cause “ideological confusion” after, for instance, they found it perfectly sensible and non-confusing that a cabinet member wondering about his eyesight would then hop in a car for a long drive to test the extent of his poor vision — and took people in the car with him.

graphic of Twitter comment about Tories and taxes

Amateurish Prolepsis

screenshot of Times article about false prediction

From an article by the BBC:

It is a mystery why he felt the need to burnish his credentials as a coronavirus sage so much that he pointed to having explicitly warned about something that was only added to his blog after the event.

British Subtlety

An American naïf, needing to rustle up a preemptive volley to put the hearer on the defensive, resorts in the first instance to a dead grandmother. The circumstances of the death can be adjusted for the occasion. If a large dose of empathy is needed, the grandmother’s death is sudden, agonizing, perhaps vivified by a fictional sprawl on the bathroom floor during which she could not reach the phone. However, Brits, being far more subtle, apparently save the dead relative ploy for Step 5, and shift the emotional impact by pointing to a deceased uncle, keeping grandma’s corpse in reserve (Step 9?). Such are the advantages of an Oxbridge education.

screenshot of excuses from Dominic Cummings