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Review of Hans Blumenberg Reader Now Available

The journal Critical Inquiry has been kind enough to publish my review of History, Metaphors, Fables: A Hans Blumenberg Reader.

photo of cover of Blumenberg Reader

“What People Gladly Accept Cannot Be the Truth”

Hans Blumenberg’s latest in English is now available from Cornell University Press. It’s Rigorism of Truth: ‘Moses the Egyptian’ and Other Writings on Freud and Arendt. The excellent work of translator Joe Paul Kroll deserves mention.

The quotation that heads this post is from one of a few short pieces called “thematically related texts” included in this collection. In light of “alternative facts,” “fake news,” “truthiness,” and a few other linguistic markers for our time, Blumenberg’s statements about truth can find a new, fertile context in which to make an impact.


A Gift of Translation

Joe Paul Kroll is offering up translations of Hans Blumenberg’s works at another blog. ¬†Translators are generally underappreciated, and here we have a translator who is not complaining, but offering up his labor to the public. ¬†