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Line of the Day — Obama Turning into Icarus?

John Heilemann in New York magazine wins the award for line of the day:

It hasn’t actually been quite that long, of course, but the memory of Obama’s joyous inauguration seems distant indeed—as the lofty image of a candidate with such potential that he seemed to walk on air has given way to the reality of a president neck-deep in a pile of …

Oh, the end of the sentence has these words: “epochal problems.”


New Meaning for Jumping the Shark

A small news article and a documentary tell us more about the ways in which human beings would behave differently, had they access to reality, though I realize that some readers do not believe in reality.

As a way of helping the audience here to have ready access to a phrase that could mean “becoming acquainted with the larger context of one’s actions,” I am proposing that we use “jumping the shark” for that purpose.  This new meaning can be based in a recent story in New York magazine about Alice Waters’ revelation that she probably should not have said that she wanted her last meal to be shark fin soup.  Ms. Waters did not know how shark fin soup made it to the bowl in front of her, and once she did, she did not want another bowl, thank you.

Similarly, The Cove ought to make many people more aware of the lengths businesses and governments will go to maintain secrecy about something that is part of many people’s daily lives, because they realize that if the truth emerges, people might make different choices.