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The Three Little Pigs Knew Better Than to Sign On for these 99 Problems

If you think people with lots of money, able to afford a New York City condo between $15 and $88 million US, use good sense when signing a check for real estate, read on. Floods, creaking walls as the building sways, dodgy elevators, lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

The group commissioned SBI Consultants, an engineering firm, to study mechanical and structural issues. Initial findings showed that 73 percent of mechanical, electrical and plumbing components observed failed to conform with the developers’ drawings, and that almost a quarter “presented actual life safety issues.”

Perhaps worst of all is the secrecy the developers, real estate agents, and some residents engage in to protect property values, meaning the problems are passed on to the next sucker. The tale almost makes the Tower of Babel narrative sensible. People who want to be above others take a fall.

“Everybody hates each other here,” she said, but, for the most part, residents want to keep the squabbling out of the public eye.

graphic of tower

Murder Moves Real Estate

over my dead bodyFor “just” $985,000 US, you could have bought a place to live in San Francisco where a murder took place only months earlier. “I think the cost of the unit is extremely affordable considering the space of the unit, the size of the unit, what is being offered,” John Waechter [a nearby resident who attended an open house at the former crime scene] said. I do think it’s being offered at a price below market because of what has happened there.”

“I think that when something violent happens in a home or a community or a neighborhood, I think it could have an impact on your buyer-pool,” said Jane Jones is a broker at Coldwell Banker and has been selling real estate in San Francisco for the past two decades said. ”There are certainly groups of people that are very superstitious if there has been a death on the property, whether it was natural or other causes.”

At first, according to the real estate experts, a murder at a property causes a decline in value and in the potential pool of buyers. That is offset by the curious, and by those who are looking only for a deal, and don’t care that a human being was murdered on site.

The upshot seems to be that if you stay away from Casa del homicidio, you’re “superstitious” — I meant “very superstitious” –, but if you pursue the blood-stained property, you’re an admirable bargain hunter.

Marketing the Apocalypse

Never underestimate the capitalist’s ability to sell anything, including the end of the world. It’s all up for a price, and the agent will throw in a wine cellar and a game room. Apparently, you have to purchase your own copy of the book of Revelation.

image of Whitewalker from Game of Thrones