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Base, Superstructure, Super Bass

When the hosts of Slate’s Culture Gabfest do not understand Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” and think that it’s “fun” — though that statement came out in the same episode of their show in which they were reviewing a film about the destructive decadence of Wall Street’s employees –, one has to wonder whether others are doing a better job with understanding what is, and is not, happening. The Slate folks cannot see a fall from (Sophia) Grace when it is right before their eyes.  Sophia’s parents were crying (see related videos), though perhaps not because their daughter is badoom, boom, boom, doomed.  When Sophia met Nicki Minaj, Ms. Minaj thought the most appropriate thing to do was to take Sophia and her young friend on a “shopping spree.”  Capitalism is Super Base.

THE LAST CAPITALIST from jamie jones on Vimeo.