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Oprah wins in Texas

A few years back, in the infamous beef defamation case, Oprah was accused of taking the meat out of Texas, but now Texas has done that all by itself. Texas is taking the meat out of its educational system.  How to improve those graduation rates?  Take the hard stuff out of the curriculum and reduce the number of those mandatory tests.

Image from Idiocracy


Paris, Texas More Important than Henry Louis Gates Jr.?

The arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. makes the front page of The New York Times.  Meanwhile, in Paris, Texas, a protest over a black man’s dragging death barely receives coverage here in Texas, even though white supremacists bearing flags with swastikas also attended the protest.  On the local television news, the white supremacists were identified as “counter-protesters,” revealing problems at numerous levels.

Agribusiness Wants You in a Persistent Vegetative State

You might need to wait to see Food, Inc. on DVD.  One theater in all of northern Texas is showing the documentary that will make you rethink your answer to the question: What’s happy about a Happy Meal?

Remember that the Texas beef industry sued Oprah and a vegetarian (Howard Lyman) for “beef defamation,” and lost. Maybe Food, Inc. will lead more people to adopt Oprah’s attitude.  The documentary illustrates the numerous ways some large agribusinesses do not want the public seeing, learning about, or thinking about the food from which their profits come.