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The Three Little Pigs Knew Better Than to Sign On for these 99 Problems

If you think people with lots of money, able to afford a New York City condo between $15 and $88 million US, use good sense when signing a check for real estate, read on. Floods, creaking walls as the building sways, dodgy elevators, lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

The group commissioned SBI Consultants, an engineering firm, to study mechanical and structural issues. Initial findings showed that 73 percent of mechanical, electrical and plumbing components observed failed to conform with the developers’ drawings, and that almost a quarter “presented actual life safety issues.”

Perhaps worst of all is the secrecy the developers, real estate agents, and some residents engage in to protect property values, meaning the problems are passed on to the next sucker. The tale almost makes the Tower of Babel narrative sensible. People who want to be above others take a fall.

“Everybody hates each other here,” she said, but, for the most part, residents want to keep the squabbling out of the public eye.

graphic of tower

Quotation of the Day

“A lot of things are unknowable if you make no effort to know anything about them.” Dr. Michael Worobey, University of Arizona

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Pandemic Priorities: Avoiding the Small Lunchroom

As more people die from re-opening too soon for business during a pandemic, some leaders in the USA mull over what is the most important thing to them. The New York Times explains:

Mr. Cruz warned his colleagues that if the economy failed to recover, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee, would win the White House and “we’ll be meeting in a much smaller lunchroom” traditionally reserved for the minority party in the Senate.

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What Will Virus Experts Do?

An article with results of interviews with over 500 epidemiologists about their life plans for the next few months and years.

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Only One Non-Worthless Person Left

This portrait of a French scientist who thinks too well of himself is today’s treasure.

“One of Professor Raoult’s abiding characteristics is that he knows that he’s very good,” Kahn told me. “But he considers everyone else to be worthless. And he always has. It’s not a recent development.” At his home, alongside a collection of Roman busts, he is said to keep a marble statue of himself.

Weep and Curse

A young doctor comes down with the virus:

Cabrera and the other nurses, all of whom knew Maldonado well, took blood and gave him oxygen and Tylenol. Several scrawled a big message and placed it on the window facing him: “We Love You.”

Cabrera stepped out, weeping and also cursing. “I felt incredible anger,” she said — at America’s lack of preparation for the virus, at shortages of protective equipment, at official dithering that had left Maldonado and other medical workers at risk. At least 145 health care professionals have died of Covid-19 in the United States, according to an unofficial list kept by Medscape.

He Failed to Commit Fraud Executively

photo of Hyacinth Bucket

This story from The New York Times shows how some people are taking their cues for corruption from someone in government.

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Snake Oil for Downton Abbey Wannabes

Perhaps all you need to understand is the following short paragraph that should be the quotation of the day: “’It was a very difficult breakthrough for her, she was crying,’ Ms. Messinger, who charges from $25 to $75 an hour, recalled of a recent session with the client. ‘I just made her aware of more options, like maybe you can try Splenda.’”

You can read the entire sad story in The New York Times, and it is especially disappointing that major universities are participating in the sham by providing these “life coaches” with credentials that make them seem legitimate.  If anyone out there wishes to pay me $100 an hour to suggest that she or he use Splenda, please contact me immediately. Heck, for today’s readers I will offer a 50% discount on that price.  Act now.  Operators — in several senses of the word — are standing by.

Night of the Hunter