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Kick the Kindle Out; Brace for Blio

screenshot of Blio

Screenshot of Blio software

Wired offers a story about the coming of Blio, some software by Mr. Kurzweil that will demonstrate that software has the capacity to make some hardware unnecessary.  Why would you have a separate, dedicated device for e-books when you could have a book-like experience on a device you already have (smart phone, PC, etc.)?  It is interesting that Blio attempts, as far as I can tell, to preserve the book experience while supplementing it, and thus is not innovative on one level.  It does not appear as if Blio wants to transform our notions of what it means to read, say, in the way that the iPhone changed the way people thought about and used telephones.  We also have the model, in both Western and Eastern cultures, of reading scrolls, and scrolling is still part of the digital world.  What will happen when reading jumps a level to an unexpected realm? Is reading waiting to undergo a dimensional shift that technology could provide?