Nietzsche’s Notebooks

photo of Nietzsche book cover

The editors of the Cleveland Review of Books have been kind enough to publish my review of the latest translation of Nietzsche’s notebooks from Stanford University Press.

Giving vs. Helping

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In the film To Sleep with Anger the following exchange gets at a holiday message that deserves consideration.

screenshot of To Sleep with Anger script

John Lanchester on Capitalism

You can read the full article here:

Succession is a merciless depiction of how capitalism works. The world of the show is a drama, but it’s also just business as usual. Stewie, one of the show’s baddies – a magnificently horrible hedge fund big shot involved in a hostile takeover of Waystar – sums it up. Right at the end of the final episode of Season Two, Logan and Kendall go to Stewie as supplicants and make a desperate final offer.

Stewie: ‘It does not work for us. Sir.’

Kendall [incandescent]: ‘Dude, are you fucking for real? I mean you fucking need to make it work, OK? Or I will personally fucking destroy you. I will cut you with a fucking razor blade and I will cut your fucking dick off …’

Stewie [wearily]: ‘ … your dick off and push it up your cunt until poo-poo pops out of my nose hole. Dude, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean anything. You can threaten to stuff a million severed dicks into my ball bag, but the actual fact is, we’re persuading more and more shareholders every day that we offer them just a slightly better chance for them to make a little more money on their fucking dollar, and that’s all that this is.’

Logan and Kendall have no reply. Confronted by the deepest verity of capitalism, even the bastards go quiet.

Unfortunate Categorization

Surprised to see this at a university bookstore.

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National Sacrifice

In a recent review of Tim Bouverie’s Appeasement, Andrew Roberts provides the telling quotation about the lengths to which leaders intended to go to keep Hitler happy.

The truth was, as Chamberlain’s parliamentary private secretary, Alec Douglas-Home, admitted later, that Chamberlain “believed that by the sacrifice of Czechoslovakia they could achieve permanent peace and that Hitler would be satisfied.”

The Trickle-Down Scam

graphic about Trickle-Down Theory

screenshot from London Times about giving to charities

Human Life Less Important than Football and Profits

photo from Wizard of OzA Dallas broadcaster apologized (that’s all?) for ignoring a tornado in favor of continued coverage of a Cowboys football game.

On a similar note, if you wondered whether businesses will look out for your well being when potential profits are in the mix, see the disturbing story by David Perell about the Boeing Max 737. Here’s a highlight:

Why did Boeing lower its engineering standards? To lower costs and increase efficiency — the goal was to save money.

Why does Boeing save money at the expense of human lives? Because Boeing purchased McDonnell-Douglas in 1997 and absorbed its ultra-corporate culture with relatively low engineering standards. Since the acquisition, the company hasn’t innovated as fast as it once did. In lieu of actual innovation, the company cut corners to maintain growth rates.

Why did Boeing buy McDonnell-Douglas? Because the airplane manufacturing industry is consolidating, and Boeing is pursuing profit at the expense of human lives.