“I want a Church which is poor and for the poor”

Pope Francis is reported to have said: “I want a Church which is poor and for the poor.” Apparently that’s not working out, and Christians aren’t speaking out about the Church receiving money rather than giving aid during a pandemic.

screenshot of story about Catholic Church accepting a billion in government money

Look Who’s Talking

Looks as if some are now willing to wonder why workers’ voices don’t find the same level of press coverage as CEOs who want to speak:

screenshot from NYT about WSJ

You can also read that the wealthy classes have little interest in introspection, but prefer to make endless judgments about the less wealthy.

How Thinking Stops

In a review of The New Despotism, Gergana Dimova explains how politicians and their enablers seduce people, like academics, into accepting the status quo:

The book tells us that it is quite possible, and even probable, for well-educated, well-travelled and ‘well brought up’ people to give up their ability to think critically for the opportunity to frequent fancy airport lounges, hotels and shops. Instead of inspiring ideals, driving progress and defending the less fortunate, these middle classes embrace cynical morals and fickle pragmatism. In the best possible scenario, they will forsake morals for professional prestige.

Awaiting the Fury

From an article about the editor of The Lancet:

screenshot of article from The New Yorker


For Those Concerned about the U.S. Constitution

screenshot from Wall Street Journal

Time-dependent Dynamics

Caleigh Montrose explains how 20 seconds might as well be the length of time it took Odysseus to get back to Ithaca:

“Washing your hands for 20 seconds is so long! That’s why I haven’t washed my hands in weeks.”


Quotation of the Day

screenshot of Zack Bornstein quotation

Review of Hans Blumenberg Reader Now Available

The journal Critical Inquiry has been kind enough to publish my review of History, Metaphors, Fables: A Hans Blumenberg Reader.

photo of cover of Blumenberg Reader


Is Texas Listening?

screenshot of J J Watt statement

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Cosplay

photo of violence poster

screenshot of news story about alt-right instigators