“Preeminent Research University” Fails to Notice $13 Million Went Missing

The administrators at the University of South Florida aren’t about to take responsibility for the fiasco, though they’re the ones who put the person in sole charge of issuing credit cards, and then didn’t do the “research” to watch what was happening. Probably not “best practice” among those familiar with accounting. However, the embezzler did stimulate Florida’s economy.

At least $11.5 million of the stolen funds went to the adult website — mygirlfund.com, which promises users the chance to connect “with sexy girls you won’t find anywhere else,” according to Protiviti’s investigative report.

Puglisi had about 22,000 interactions with the site, Protiviti’s investigators found. He frequented the profile of a woman based in Toronto and paid more than $22,400 to fly her and her friends to Orlando three times. He spent another $43,700 to put them up at Disney World resorts, according to the consulting firm’s report.

Fentanyl-adjacent Incidents = The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

The Washington Post explains:

In some cases, prosecutors are charging people with crimes for allegedly exposing first responders to fentanyl. In other words, people are being put behind bars for something that cannot happen — namely, seriously harming someone else by passively exposing them to the drug.

In Ohio, for instance, Justin Buckel took a plea deal in 2018 for several drug charges and an assault charge — the latter related to Officer Green’s supposed fentanyl overdose, which occurred after Buckel was arrested. This despite the fact that there is no scientific justification for thinking that brushing some fentanyl powder off one’s shirt could physically incapacitate anyone. (This year, Green was terminated by his department for an unrelated matter involving what an internal investigator called “a documented case of dishonesty.”)

stone image of rabbit attacking a human

May You Avoid This “Journey”

From a UK newspaper:

Solicitor Leslie Lawrenson, 58, died at his home in Bournemouth, Dorset, nine days after he published a video on why coronavirus was “nothing to be afraid of.”

Mr Lawrenson, who reportedly had no underlying health conditions, had previously refused to take up the vaccine because he felt he “did not need it.”

Instead he put faith in his immune system and took his social media followers on his journey.

Can We Bring Back Picnics at the Olympics?

image of still life with bread

Bread, Circuses, Masks, Guns

“Our era constitutes a next step in the project of the aestheticization of politics. According to Benjamin’s 1935 definition of the term, aestheticization of politics means that the political sphere became a spectacle in which the masses could express their political rights in inconsequential ways—that is, without any effect on actually changing property relations.”

— A. Kiarina Kordela, Cultural Critique (Summer 2021)


Please Share with Governors of Texas and Florida

graphic of headlines about England undoing lockdown measures for pandemic

Mario and the Magician Meets Mar-a-Lago

screenshot of article from The Guardian about Kremlin papers showing Putin and Trump connection
See article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/15/kremlin-papers-appear-to-show-putins-plot-to-put-trump-in-white-house

When “Deleted” Means “Secretly Retained”

Another reason to leave Facebook:

image of quotation from article about Facebook in which messages are used to stalk people

What Churches Could be Doing

image of article about Sante Fe Church paying off medical debt for citizens

A Political Move So Old It’s in Black & White

Citizen Kane (1941)